Welcome to the world of my artistic expressions.
My Wonder for this beautiful Planet and Universe is my inspiration.
ART is a portfolio of my paintings, drawings, and new forms.
PHOTOGRAPHY, a record of unique moments which have made my heart rejoice.
Some  I use as Designs on different products sold through Print on Demand Sites which links you can find on SHOP.
Through the BLOG I share my thoughts and experiences.
Thank you for passing by and for your kind support and comments.


Moon Gazing

“The Moon, like a flower in heaven’s high bower, With Silent delight Sits and Smiles on the night”. William Blake A Tribute to the beautiful Super Full Moon. Our guiding light in the darkness of the night. And a couple gazing at its Beauty, surrounded by the magic and brilliance of the night. The idea… Continue reading Moon Gazing

Floral Rainbow Mandala

Spring and Summer are coming and so the beautiful flowers surrounding us with the lovely variety of colors. This is a painting to celebrate Nature, preparing us for the coming seasons. It is my first painting with Acrylics. It was supposed to be a trial to test the colors, but it turned out to be… Continue reading Floral Rainbow Mandala

SunFlower Mandala

“I want to be like a sunflower; so that even on the darkest days I will stand tall and find the sunlight.” A beautiful phrase to remind us that we all are like sunflowers with a bright light shining inside that make us naturally turn to the Sun every day and reach for the Light.… Continue reading SunFlower Mandala

Violet Mandala

I began the New Year by drawing this new Mandala and when I then looked at the meaning of the color violet I found that the symbol of the Crown Chakra is the Thousand Petals Violet Lotus, which help us connect to our Spirituality. The colors were inspired by a beautiful little flower I had… Continue reading Violet Mandala

Little Mandalas

“Let us find Magic in all the Little Things in Life”. LovableQuotes This is one of the best projects I worked on. Tiny little Mandalas on Key Holders/Purse. The idea came because Christmas was coming and I wanted to do some personalized presents to family and friends. I really had so much fun making them! I had… Continue reading Little Mandalas

Autumn Sun Mandala

The colors of the Autumn leaves are such a great contrast to the grey skies and the rain with their brightness and red, yellow, orange shades. They remind us of the warmness of the Sun and its powerful rays. And this is what I wanted to express in this colorful Mandala. “Autumn is a Second Spring… Continue reading Autumn Sun Mandala

The Blue Star

This Mandala represents the alignment of our Light to the Higher Purpose through the Power of Love. The Star Shining in the Blue Sky. Through reading about the frequencies at which each different color vibrates, I have understood the process of completing these two very similar Mandalas. Colors are an amazing way to heal ourselves… Continue reading The Blue Star

The Glowing Star

This solid Star Mandala represents the power of our inner Light, our Real Self, which is never broken by Illusion. Eternally shining, rising above negativity. The words that came to my mind from this powerful mandala are ” The Illusion is only momentary. Real is Eternal. We can be fooled for a short time, but… Continue reading The Glowing Star


Flowers of Portugal

Everywhere I walked while I was in Portugal was an occasion to take a photo of a beautiful flower. I am really happy I can put them now all together and share them with you. I have tried to find the names for each one of them but I did not realize how complicated it… Continue reading Flowers of Portugal

Silybum Marianum

Also known as  Milk Thistle, Thistle Mary,  or Cardo Mariano in Italian and Spanish. Considered to be a powerful remedy for the regeneration of the liver. This flowers’ proportions, to me, look absolutely perfect. It resembles a Star. The reason why it refers to St. Mary or Mariano, according to the legend, was that the… Continue reading Silybum Marianum

Purple Visions

La Delicatezza – Exquisite Delicacy

I am completely in love with these flowers, which grow on a great tree. They inspire me delicacy and tenderness. I have found a funny face hidden in the first picture, if looked from far, maybe you can find it too!  

Spring Obsession

Yesterday Today & Tomorrow

My mother tells me that these beautiful flowers which grow as a big plant are called in Italian “Ieri, Oggi & Domani”, thus the English translation. This name refers to the colors of the flowers. When  they first come out are dark purple (Yesterday), the next day the color turns blue (Today) and end up… Continue reading Yesterday Today & Tomorrow

The Parrot

After so many years trying to take a photograph of these beautiful free Parrots that live in the area, one of them compassionately allowed me to take pictures without flying away. It was such a magical experience. You can read more here.  

Welcome Spring!