Autumn Colors

There is a sense of melancholy the moment the weather changes and you know the summer is gone. Here in Rome it usually happens abruptly, from one day to the next there could be a difference of 10 degrees Celsius. You smell it in the air that something is different. Continue reading


The Ideal World

Have you ever asked yourself what would be the ideal world you would like to live in? Continue reading

Missing the Details

The other day I published this picture on Instagram. The day before had been one of those days that happen sometimes, where your thoughts are filled with negativity and it seems that the light has suddenly vanished from the whole Universe. Continue reading

That Philosopher’s Stone called Marketing.

What do you do with the fruits of your creativity?

In the beginning, everything is focused on finding the strength and courage to actually sit down and manifest ideas, visions, and inspirations that are occupying the mind. The series of factors involved in allowing our creativity to fly, as per previous posts. Continue reading

Who Am I?

The Ancient Greek Aphorism “Know Thyself” inscribed in the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo in Delphi is one that has resonated with me for the most part of my life. Continue reading

The Perfection Of Nature

How does the perfect symmetry and harmony between elements found in Nature help us balance our whole body and energy systems? Continue reading

The Power of Silence

Since I have come here to Portugal and in particular in this lovely village of Almoçageme near the Sintra Mountains, one thing struck me out of the most.

The moment I sat down, the sound of silence surrounded me with such a powerful presence that it was impossible not to notice. Continue reading

Creativity is Calling

Have you ever felt a spiral of ideas taking control over you that you find it hard to maintain a balance with your everyday activities? Continue reading

Time to Fly

Sometimes we realize that the reason why our creativity is not flowing freely it is not because we lack ideas or inspiration. There is something else. Continue reading

Nature will save you!

100_2126 (800x544)So you wake up in the morning thinking you will be going to do all the things you have planned the night before. But your head is a bit foggy, and motivation is on the low. Continue reading