Infinite Worlds

“There are infinite worlds both like and unlike this world of ours. For the atoms being infinite in number…are borne on far out into space.” Epicurus

“One only force, LOVE, links Infinite Worlds and makes them alive.” Giordano Bruno.
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Shambala, The Pure Land

“The basic wisdom of Shambhala is that in this world, as it is, we can find a good and meaningful human life that will also serve others. That is our true richness.” Chogyam Trungpa (Author of Shambhala: The Secret Path of the Warrior) Continue reading

Artist Block. The Dark Forest.

“Artistic Block feels much more like a wall that comes between you and your soul’s expression – sometimes with such force that the world isn’t quite right again until that feeling is lifted and your creativity is returned.”Β

Have you ever come across a moment when you followΒ your daily routine of giving space to your creativity to find that nothing wants to come out? You scribble something, throw some paints around, but nothing has any meaning. Continue reading

Dare to Shine

“No matter the darkness around you, Shine yourΒ Light, even if you are the only thing shining in miles” Tylor Knott Gregson Continue reading

SunFlower Mandala Tutorial

“I want to be like a sunflower; so that even on the darkest days I will stand tall and find the sunlight.” Unkown

A beautiful phrase to remind us that we all are like sunflowers with a bright light shining inside that make us naturally turn to the Sun every day and reach for the Light. Continue reading

Color of the Year 2018

Ultraviolet has been elected Color of the Year 2018 by Pantone “which is the world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems.” Continue reading

Keep Shining!

“Shine like the whole Universe is Yours. I am a Spark from the Infinite” beautiful quotes from the great Rumi. Continue reading

Autumn Colors

There is a sense of melancholyΒ the moment the weather changes and you know the summer is gone. Here inΒ Rome it usually happens abruptly, from one day to the next there could be a difference of 10 degrees Celsius. You smell it in the air that something is different. Continue reading

The Color of Emotions

Have you ever wondered how the choice of colors throughout the day reflect the different energies and emotions we go through in each moment? Continue reading

One year blog

A couple of months ago WordPress advised me that this Blog had reachedΒ its first year. I was amazed. I could not believe already a year had passed. Continue reading