Keep Shining!

“Shine like the whole Universe is Yours. I am a Spark from the Infinite” beautiful quotes from the great Rumi.

I like to believe that as the perfect formation of a Galaxy, we are Sparkles of light shining within a beautiful creation. This mandala was inspired by the vision of millions of stars shining within the whole Universe and us, each one of us like these Stars, shining beyond the darkness of our mind or other people’s mind, that make us forget such a vision.

Initially, it was meant to be a painting with fluorescent colors but as time was scarce I applied a picture of the Universe behind it, and in another case, golden stars shining so they could come out from the drops. So I called this mandala Drops of Sparkles.

When I finally started painting, soon I became nervous that maybe I was not doing the right thing, but I continued. Like many other times, when I start to apply the colors with whatever medium, a strange feeling of doing it wrong pervades my being.
Experience makes me continue, I still look if there is anything different I could do but when nothing else comes up I continue and force myself to be patience, trusting that soon the results will satisfy me. And usually, they do. The more I get nearer to the end, my eyes recognize the intended beauty, or that something that makes my heart rejoices.

Sometimes I find it very difficult to express in words what the work of art I see evoke in me. Inexpressible emotions that maybe only an expert writer can find.
The other day on Instagram with a great Artist Claire Harrison, I wanted to express how much I loved her painting, she thought there were too many colors, and I was unable to tell her in words that for me it was perfect because, that is how it felt, I do not know why.

And this is the awareness that this painting has brought to me. How we get so impatient and discouraged while the work is in progress, in any field really. If  the time we have available wasn’t limited, we would all be adding more and more or take another picture, until we reach that perfection that we really can’t reach, because each moment, we are in a point of transformation, each step, is a new awareness and an expansion of our consciousness, so what we saw before, is less than what we see now, and whatever we are looking at will always have a new piece of information and thus something else to add. Non-stop, continuously, until time, deadlines, makes us stop. We have to give our work at some point. And so is our life, our planet, our universe. A continuous work in progress, we are continuously evolving, the universe is continuously transforming itself.

“The only thing that is constant is change” by Heraclitus.

So I ask myself, then if everything is a work in progress, liable to betterment every day, when are we going to enjoy the finished artwork? If we are always running after the results but these change, according to our consciousness expansion, then we will never be fully satisfied. Like a dog chasing its tail.

So comes the realization that as the work in progress is the constant, and the results are the peaks, like the beautiful flower, or the sweet fruit, we must enjoy the process, the same or more than the results.
We love the plant all the time not only when it is flowering, in fact we care for the plant more during the process. And so it should be for everything else, beyond the results we wish to see in a given point of consciousness.  Our bodies, our relationships, our work. When we change our point of focus, when we accept that everything is an endless work in progress,  then we make that process enjoyable, and not a sacrifice that needs a rewards to be justified, without which we become disheartened and give up or fall into depression. Society as a whole, as I see it, bases itself only on results and the pressure on our system is very high.

I believe that learning to love and feel comfortable with the actual process with all its imperfections is to arrive at enjoying Life and the whole of Creation. And what will be will be. If there is harmony the results will always be satisfactory.

“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in the darkness the astonishing light of your Being” by Hafiz.

Keep Shining.

These are some wallpapers for phones I have made for anyone that likes them, for free as a form of  Thank You for your support. I can send them through the contact form or you can DM me through Instagram or Facebook.


Rainbow Flower

Some months have gone by since  I have been able to draw and paint on T-Shirts.

During this time I was busy painting my parents’ home which took me quite awhile (…a month!!!). Then it was X-Mas and finally managed to rest in January after the festivities.

Really wanted to keep up with the artwork and updating the site to avoid falling into procrastination, but I hit a blockage. Physically, mentally, spiritually? I do not know but everything seemed like a struggle so I needed something easy.

Transfer one of my designs seemed like a too demanding task(??!!).  So opted for a Stencil, and this one from StencilsLab is so beautiful I really wanted to see how it would look on a Shirt with shining colors. Thanks to them I was able to make something beautiful fairly quickly.

And this is the result.

Have you ever hit a creativity block? You can share your experience in the comments below.


Recycling trousers

I had some sport trousers I felt very comfortable with and of course was wearing  most of time, while gardening, painting etc. and eventually some holes appeared, bleach spots….. So I decided to put some patches with some drawings I liked without going to buy them at the shop. Unfortunately I did not have any black cotton material I could use but only white. Ok, I would paint them black then!! The result is nice but much easier if you already have black material.

I had made earlier some small stencils, to not waste any paper while I was trying to make snow flakes with paper, and so tried.

This is the result. I am very happy I have my trousers again but the funny thing is that now I don’t feel like using them for “work”, they are too beautiful!! he, he.



Making of Shine

100_1301-1024x768100_1304-1024x768100_1308-1024x768100_1332-1024x768100_1333-1024x768100_1334-1024x768100_1335-1024x768IMG_20161106_174654 (1024x576)

Another Trial T-Shirt

Thanks to Pinterest I found such beautiful artworks with dot art and fell in love with them instantly. Especially the works of I first saw the stones but when I visited her page was amazed by the whole gallery. She also has a You Tube channel which I would recommend to visit. I was so inspired from this that decided to try my own version on a T-Shirt. It did take me awhile to understand how to go about, as the fluorescent paint on fabric is quite liquid and the result is not the same as on a stone or canvas. So I made it simpler by drawing the design first on paper than on the t-shirt and paint on top.

If you see her video, it looks so easy and she paints straight away, congratulations to her! Maybe one day after a lot of practice we will be able to paint straight on the t-shirt without a backup design….mmmm a great challenge to look for!!  For the moment I humbly present you with my first trial.

First the sketch ( a bit of a mess!!)


The Final painting in daylight

100_1736 (1024x1012)

In darkness with Uv Black light. It does look shinier than this and could not get a better-focused image!! White, in general, is not as bright as the rest of the colors and especially in a blue shirt, thus the dots do not stand out but this shirt is worn mostly during the day so I wanted to emphasize more the daylight effect.100_1742 (1024x1009)100_1737 (1024x995)

Colouring Mandalas for boosting creativity

Mandalas are a great way to boost creativity. In amidst the chaos of everyday activity, sometimes the mind is too filled up with things to do, and to be able to quite it down and find that silence where we find inspiration, coloring a Mandala is a great tool to achieve that.

These have been taken from the site

Black light



What are the tricks that help you be more creative? Share below if you wish.

My first trial T-Shirt

Finally, I managed to put my acts together and start painting again after so many years. I had a black shirt with a faded image in front. It was a good base to start from.  Was going to cover it so to check the new paints and most of all……my ability!

From Pinterest, I was learning to make Snowflakes from paper, and out of many that I tried to design and create, one caught my attention. And decided to apply it on the T-Shirt as a Stencil. It was new to me, as all the Mandalas designs I have made before were done first with measurements and drawing. There is always space to learn something different!!

It has been really good fun! Remembering the tricks whenever I made a mistake!!

I forgot to take a picture of the shirt before painting. Remembered half way!!

100_1233-1280x960Filling up with black paint.






The final result in daylight.

100_1291 (1280x960)

With black light.