Thank you Mother Nature!



Today while I was walking I received such a great gift from Nature that it was impossible not to share it with you.

There are many little parrots in the area that live freely. Probably some have escaped, have found their habitat here and continued breeding. You can hear them coming from the strong sound they make, and they are usually in groups. Their shiny green and blue colors are seen almost everywhere. They are so beautiful and had been trying to take pictures of them, but they fly quickly away.

But today while walking I was allowing someone else pass by, and my eyes looked above at a great pink tree and there it was. I dared moving scared it would fly away, but it kept there eating away at the flowers, so I slowly took the camera and was amazed how many shots I could take while it just continued with its own affairs. It was magical.  To be so near without disturbing him or her.

For me it was a great gift and a great opportunity I have been waiting for years. Thank you again Mother Nature.

You can enjoy more pictures of this from here The Parrot.


Welcome Spring!

Finally beautiful spring is back! Birds are singing and celebrating the mating season and warmer shiny days. Flowers are opening up everywhere, decorating the view with a variety of colors. It is impossible not to smile to so much beauty around and I could not but indulge in taking pictures  of every flower I have encountered.

And here I present them to you as a tribute to Mother Nature and to all the immense beauty that is presented to us every day, anywhere.