Food for Thought…

“Saving our planet, lifting people out of poverty, advancing economic growth… these are one and the same fight. We must connect the dots between climate change, water scarcity, energy shortages, global health, food security and women’s empowerment. Solutions to one problem must be solutions for all.” Ban Ki-moon


Happy New Moon!

“Use the Energies of this Super New Moon to set an intention for something you would like to create… Intent a beautiful creation one that will not only benefit you but the whole world.” by Roxana Jones of

Happy Wednesday!

“Your Talent determines what you can do,
Your Motivation determines how far you are willing to go,
Your Attitude determines how well you do it”.
Lou Holtz

Happy Monday!

“The critical ingredient is getting off […] and doing something. It’s as simple as that. A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But today.“
Nolan Bushnell

Do you need a Sketchbook?

“My Sketchbook is a witness of what I am experiencing, scribbling things whenever they happen.” Vincent Van Gogh Continue reading

Happy Friday!

“You are far more powerful than they have led you to believe.
The takedowns and the knockdowns are preparing you.
You are getting stronger, braver, wiser.
You are growing tired of the fray.
You have chaos in your soul and lightning in your veins.
You, my dear, were made for wild, magical things.”
Erin Matlock from her amazing book “Worth It”.

Worth It - Erin Matlock

Happy Wednesday!

“Motivation is everything. You can do the work of two people but you can’t be two people. Instead, you have to inspire the next guy down the line and get him to inspire his people.” Lee Iacocca

Happy Monday!

“When I thought I couldn’t go on, I forced myself to keep going. My success is based on persistence, not luck.” – Estee Lauder

Happy Weekend!

“We learn Wisdom from failure. Much more than from success.
We often discover what will do, By finding out what will not do.
And probably he who has never made a mistake never made a Discovery.”
Samuel Smiles

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Remember to Love who you are always!
I have not been able to write enough to come up with a post that could be of use to you, so I leave you with this great quote to inspire your weekend! Enjoy and Smile!

Happy Friday!

“HAPPINESS IS AN ATTITUDE. We either make ourselves miserable or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same.” Francesca Reigler