Hello! and Welcome!sunfreestar

I am Sonia, the creator of SunFreeStar. An African born Italian wanderer, Nature lover, artist, designer, possible writer and visionary.

This Blog is about my reconnection with creativity and how Nature is the fundamental source of such inspiration.

A place where I can share my experiences and creations in multiple forms, so troundhat they may be of inspiration for anybody else to reconnect with that vital part of ourselves.

Discovering our creativity is a journey, you know where to start but you do not know
where it is taking you. Alike, this is and will be a continuous process of transformation, as I continue to learn and acquire new insights.

By sharing my discoveries and experiences with you, I wish to help in your journey too.

100_2090I used to paint on canvas, make handicraft and create little decorations for festivals while traveling with a caravan between Spain and Portugal, where I would sell my creations here and there. Then I stopped for 7 years.
At that time I was not too keen on computers;  smartphones were still not such a big reality and never kept a record of my journey and creations, except for the memories of all the people I have encountered.

Blogging is a beautiful discovery and a great tool for communication, for feeling connected to the Community by sharing one’s own world, a great incentive and encouragement to do more, and eventually create and support a lifestyle that is truthful to our inner self and desires.

The meaning of the name SunFreeStar is an ideal vision inspired by The Sun, provider of energy and light, the Stars, our Guiding Angels and the Freedom to follow our inner voice and live our lives accordingly, sharing our beautiful creations and in line with the rhythm and laws of Natureworkspace

Thank you for visiting and would love to read your story too!

You can visit the Blog Page where I share my experiences and thoughts, and the Portfolio Page to look at the pictures.


I have since started discovering social media so you can also connect with me in

Instagram @sunfreestar
like my page on Facebook sunfreestarcreations
or follow one of my boards on Pinterest sunfreestar

I have also started to upload my designs on products with Zazzle and you can visit my virtual store here  Sunfreestar



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